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Dr. Zahid Anwar with the Ambassador of China
Group Photo with China Embassy Islamabad officials
Seminar on “Strategic Environment in Indian Ocean Region and Policy Options for Pakistan”
Shanghai Forum
International Conference on CPEC at China Study Center, University Of Peshawar, 21 February 2019.
Friends of Silk Road Seminar, University Of Peshawar.
CPEC International Conference at SBBWU Peshawar
Group Photo at CSC UOP
Ms Bao visited CSC UOP
outstanding contributor to BRI Education cooperation
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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idress

Pakistan and China relations are based on solid foundations. Pak-China cooperation has increased with passage of time in all fields including knowledge industry. The collaboration in higher education strengthened in the wake of Belt and Road Initiativ  (BRI). CPEC which is a mega project of BRI further galvanized academic cooperation in the institutions   Read More..


Prof. Dr. Kausar Takrim

will be available soon..


The China Study Centre (CSC) endeavors to enrich understanding between China and Pakistan through research, learning, institutional linkages, and people to people contacts. To pave the way for shaping a better future for the people of Pakistan generally and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa particularly, the CSC seeks to make READ MORE..

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