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The China Study Centre (CSC) endeavors to enrich understanding between China and Pakistan through research, learning, institutional linkages, and people to people contacts. To pave the way for shaping a better future for the people of Pakistan generally and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa particularly, the CSC seeks to make the University of Peshawar a rich source of knowledge on China. To deepen local understanding of Chinese society, economy, culture, language, political system and vice versa. The CSC aims at achieving continuous progress through research and dissemination of information about China and Pakistan in a manner that is in tune with the expectations of the peoples of two friendly countries. To launch joint research projects through institutional collaboration and achieve the objectives of the centre. The CSC will draw from the cultural, intellectual, and economic resources of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan to enrich and strengthen its programs and will strive for excellence in study, creative expression, and service to the country. The CSC strives to become an excellent centre in research, learning and service in the region on China by producing research as per highest international standard. To equip research scholars with analytical thinking, innovative research methodologies, effective verbal and written communication that is critical for their pursuing careers in Pak-China Studies in an increasingly globalized marketplace. It will strive to develop academic collaboration with similar institutions and reinforce enriching interaction between China and Pakistan.  

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