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SPEAKER: Dr. Salman Jan, Assistant Registrar (Quality Enhancement)

About the Speaker:

Dr. Salman Jan did BSc in Computer Science from University of Peshawar, MSc in Computer Science from University of Peshawar, and he completed his Ph.D. from University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His focus remains on computer security, and blockchain deep analysis. China Study Center, University of Peshawar on 6th May 2021 organized an online lecture on “Citation management through a software”. Dr. Salman Jan was invited to the online lecture. He delivered an online presentation to the audience, scholars, and students of University of Peshawar.

Lecture: Dr. Salman Jan divided his presentation into different parts. He discussed the rationale of Citation and said that the main purpose of citation is to provide valid reference materials; to acknowledge references material of others; to enable readers to locate the sources for further information; to avoid committing plagiarism in research work. Moreover, he argued about google scholar and discussed how a researcher can access google scholar and other research sites. He talks about the different features of google scholar. He emphasized using google scholar where scholars can easily access research-oriented stuff and can read published research work. In his view, one of the good qualities of google scholar is that scholars can get alerts of publication of their own interest. He meticulously discussed how to access google scholar and can cite articles in different citation styles. Furthermore, Dr. Salman Jan talked about the Mendeley software. He shows how to download Mendeley software online and can register with Mendeley. He said Mendeley basically provides a digital environment to the readers and researcher which can be used for citation. With Mendeley, a researcher can create and manage citations of books, articles and can import citations from many databases. Extract metadata from imported PDFs. By using Mendeley it is easy to find relevant papers and reading material. Also, it helps in highlighting and annotating papers and sharing notes with others. The technique of how to cite a book, article, journals, newspapers, dissertations, and other source material with Mendeley was explained by Dr. Salman Jan in detail. Also, he illustrates the use of different citation styles in Mendeley.

Conclusion: In the end, the researcher and students from different backgrounds asked questions about the Mendeley software and citation. Dr. Salman Jan answered their question the session. Professor Dr. Zahid Anwar thanked Dr. Salman Jan for the informative online presentation and thanked the large number of audiences for attending the online lecture and asking very pertinent questions

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